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This Week is all about Hot Chocolate to me, since it's getting colder here in Seattle. Add some Marshmallows and Voila! Cozy and warm.

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This time around I wanted to showcase a collection of items dedicated to make Thanksgiving a lovely and crafty holiday. This is a little shopping guide to host the upcoming holidays, or to keep in mind some gift ideas.
I would like to invite you to take a close look to this selection and enjoy the joyfulness of the Holidays.

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There will be food, wine, and great people to hang out with. You can also start your holidays shopping, you can't miss it! We'll see you there!

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After writing about the film "Handmade Nation" I kept thinking about how the same activity can be seen and experienced differently in different parts of the world. People make arts and crafts for different reasons. Someone might make crafts because it's a family tradition, because they got layoff or they can't find a job and it's a way to make some money, or simply because it's what makes them happy. Whatever the reason, I think crafting expresses ones culture, there's a richness in it.

I have noticed that people in south american countries know how to make and craft many different things. I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that life can be a little bit harder there. You can't always go to the store to buy something you need, either because it is too expensive or it isn't available. Because of this, people are constantly using their creativity to find homemade solutions to life's everyday needs. This constant use of creativity makes us naturally good crafters.

I decided to take a look at some of my Etsy fellows from South America, and enjoyed looking at the beautiful items they have displayed in their shops.

One thing is for certain: people's crafts reveal their unique history, passion, richness and culture. I invite you to take a look at what they're making in South America.

This selection is for my friend Donut. Get inspired :)

Where is everyone going? That’s the only question that crosses my mind when I see the streets full of cars. I see more cars than people. I don't think I like that. Do you?

And besides, I not only think about the visual noise that I get when I'm walking down the street, but also my mind gets a little bit bothered and concerned about all the pollution that they generate.

Sometimes, if I look closer, I can see people inside the cars, usually they’re nervously eating, quick, quick, quick! We don’t want to be late for work! Sometimes, these people are fighting, yelling at each other. I really don’t like to see that. But sometimes, people are just enjoying a nice ride. But the truth is that having a car has become a necessity these days, and it facilitates a quicker life…

But I don’t really want to live faster! Well, I guess this world is moving me into it. Anyways… that question is still in my mind: Where is everyone going? Are they going to a happier, pleased and joyful place? No? Are they just going to work, or the mall? Then why are they in such a hurry? Are they driving their cars, or are their cars driving them?

Oh well… I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I definitely love making pieces full of color. I think they provide joy, love and fun. But coming from a place were it’s always summer (Venezuela – South America) made me create pieces with beautiful colors, yet not the right colors for that time of the year in the place were I’m living now (Seattle, WA). And when I say not the right colors I mean not the colors that are mostly attractive to people in that time of the year.

So I made some research and I found out there is a Season Color Analysis that designers use to create there collections for a specific time of the year. In fact, this analysis can be used by anyone that wants to adapt the colors he or she wears for a better look.

Our colors “are enveloped in one of four seasons. Season Color Analysis sets an exclusive standard for your individual colors” says Tanna Mayer, Season Color Analysis (2007).

For example, according to this Season Color Analysis, the colors that suit me better for my hair shade (black chestnut), my skin tone (neutral beige), and my eye color (brown black), are the colors associated with winter.

So I realized that by having a better acknowledgement about colors, seasons and the beauty associated within, I could plan the colors I would use for my pieces every season, and I could also recommend specific pieces to my customers, by knowing their personal season, when they were undecided about a purchase.

I think these are all valuable tools that anyone can use, but I also believe in creating without strings, paradigms or patterns. So I feel free from trends, and make just what I feel like. It makes me happy.

Check out this websites that offer a guide for a Season Color Analysis. It’s very easy to do it :

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I'm always so curious about different things, methods and techniques, my hands can't stay still. This time I'm exploring a new media to me: Polymer Clay.

I was curious to see what I could make if I could create whatever crosses my mind. Usually, abstract images are the first thing to pop up.

I feel like a little girl while making these beads with polymer clay, I make them with so much joy, and somehow, I feel like blending with nature, because of the organic nature within them.

Exploring colors, textures and shapes makes me very happy :)
Welcome to FreZa's Behind the Scene: Exploring a New Media

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Last Sunday I went to see Faythe Levine Film, Handmade Nation. The author traveled 15 cities around the U.S. to document the stories behind the handmade community. She spoke with 80 artisans to print their experiences within this interconnected culture. This time around, I’m not going to go deeper about the content of this Film, because you can go and see it for yourself (which I highly recommend). Instead, I’ll just share my experience.

I was invited to watch this Documentary from my Etsy Rain team. We occupied almost half of the crowd at the movie theater, by the way. Watching this documentary made me feel like I was having a live interpretation of the book written by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl, Handmade Nation: The rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design. The film has a very cute look and a handmade touch to me. The esthetic goes pretty good with the theme. I have to say as a crafter, I was smiling the whole time; it was very enjoyable to watch, and my heart felt content when I left the theater room.

After watching the movie, I went with my Etsy Rain fellows to “Happy hour with Faythe” sponsored by Grassroots Business Association. We were hanging out eating and talking with Faythe about her experience making this film. She was also asking questions to the artists and crafters on the table about our own experiences. Faythe is a sweetheart, very open to listen and to share her experiences. My husband came by and sat with us for a little bit, and then we left. It was quite a lovely Sunday to me.

After I watch the movie that Sunday, I kept thinking about some of the things that I’ve seen about the craft community. It’s interesting to see how things can be so different in other places around the world. While in Venezuela (my home country) the handmade community is large enough, the handmade items consumed by the people are not as valued as in the United States. We have some manufactured products, which have been increasing in the past couple of decades, but the craft community is quite big.

It was also interesting to think about how not too long ago, everything was handmade, and after the industrial revolution, manufactured items where highly valued by population, because they were representing “progress”. Now we seem to be more aware of that term, and the activism of the handmade community toward sustainability and recycling is standing out and is permeating into other sectors of the population.

I liked this documentary very much because I believe the world can turn around for a positive change, if people dream and create more. Being happy should be the purpose of our existence (instead of having more money, power, or buying more things). Otherwise, why all the work and effort we put into our lives?

Claudia Horsey

I just love these Onion Purple items from other artists that you can find on!

CUT ONION - greeting cards-set of 10 (blank)
by: LisaGabelDesign's
Her shop:

I personally think that everything that you touch, smell, see and experience in life, determine what you like and the things you do. I was born in a place where houses are one next to the other one, where all of them are painted different and with vivid colors, as if a kid had drawn them. It looks very pretty by the way. This place is called Maracaibo, Venezuela.

My parents are form Argentina and Venezuela, and my grandparents form Spain, Italy, Argentina and Venezuela. I now live in Seattle, WA. This sounds like a very crazy mix but it’s actually very fun and rich. Because of this, I think most of the things that I make have an international influence. I don’t really follow fashion trends; I just make things that seem beautiful to my eyes. This is why I love everything I do.

I love living in Seattle with my husband, surrounded by green. I’m a psychologist, but I don’t “work” as a psychologist, I just use what I’ve learned to help other people when they need me.

I’m dedicated to make jewelry as I conceive it. Attending fairs, having a Blog, a Facebook group, an Etsy Shop, Jewelry Home-Parties and a husband, takes must of my time. I can’t imagine when I’ll have kids! I have always felt the more I do something, the better I get at it and the faster I can get it done. So it’s always a learning process, which I love.

I’m 8 years old, but I pretend to act like my chronological age (25), nobody really believes it, that’s why I look so serious in my picture, maybe someone will.

I love colors, textures, vintage rings, vintage metal boxes, handmade clothes, gems and stones, cookies (oh, I love cookies!), key lime tart, lying down in the snow and vegetarian dishes. This list goes on and on, these are just a few to mention.
I believe in creating a new world promoting handmade goods, recycling, and doing things with love. I like to try new things, explore materials, designs and shapes, so my creations are always new and lots of fun!

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This is Option 1- I hope you like it! :)

This is Option 2- Now you can pick your Favorite!

Last weekend was The Wurst Festival in Wallingford, Seattle WA. it was actually my first fair, and I have to say I learned a lot from it, as much as I enjoyed talking to people, seeing their reactions when they saw my pieces and selling my work.
So here they are, some pictures of my booth in my first Festival:

Sweet drop shape earrings with pink shades. To me it looks like drops of a juicy fruit, Delicious!

Handmade with a silver wire and two of my favorite beads: a Frosted transparent Fuchsia Iris, and for the bottom a Matt Transparent light pink.

Don’t you love them?!

Measures about 4 inches in length (10 ½ cm)

You can also find them on

This is my favorite bracelet so far. t's very very shiny because the silver and purple beads reflect all the light. It's very elegant and beautiful

Full of colors, full of beads. Spicy!
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