Where is everyone going? That’s the only question that crosses my mind when I see the streets full of cars. I see more cars than people. I don't think I like that. Do you?

And besides, I not only think about the visual noise that I get when I'm walking down the street, but also my mind gets a little bit bothered and concerned about all the pollution that they generate.

Sometimes, if I look closer, I can see people inside the cars, usually they’re nervously eating, quick, quick, quick! We don’t want to be late for work! Sometimes, these people are fighting, yelling at each other. I really don’t like to see that. But sometimes, people are just enjoying a nice ride. But the truth is that having a car has become a necessity these days, and it facilitates a quicker life…

But I don’t really want to live faster! Well, I guess this world is moving me into it. Anyways… that question is still in my mind: Where is everyone going? Are they going to a happier, pleased and joyful place? No? Are they just going to work, or the mall? Then why are they in such a hurry? Are they driving their cars, or are their cars driving them?

Oh well… I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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  1. Eva on October 28, 2009 at 7:35 PM



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