I definitely love making pieces full of color. I think they provide joy, love and fun. But coming from a place were it’s always summer (Venezuela – South America) made me create pieces with beautiful colors, yet not the right colors for that time of the year in the place were I’m living now (Seattle, WA). And when I say not the right colors I mean not the colors that are mostly attractive to people in that time of the year.

So I made some research and I found out there is a Season Color Analysis that designers use to create there collections for a specific time of the year. In fact, this analysis can be used by anyone that wants to adapt the colors he or she wears for a better look.

Our colors “are enveloped in one of four seasons. Season Color Analysis sets an exclusive standard for your individual colors” says Tanna Mayer, Season Color Analysis (2007).

For example, according to this Season Color Analysis, the colors that suit me better for my hair shade (black chestnut), my skin tone (neutral beige), and my eye color (brown black), are the colors associated with winter.

So I realized that by having a better acknowledgement about colors, seasons and the beauty associated within, I could plan the colors I would use for my pieces every season, and I could also recommend specific pieces to my customers, by knowing their personal season, when they were undecided about a purchase.

I think these are all valuable tools that anyone can use, but I also believe in creating without strings, paradigms or patterns. So I feel free from trends, and make just what I feel like. It makes me happy.

Check out this websites that offer a guide for a Season Color Analysis. It’s very easy to do it :




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  1. Eva on October 28, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    That's very interesting, I really think that colors can change your moods and the perspective of whatever surrounds you, just like illumination and the kind of light that surrounds us...let's full our lives with tons of colour and bright lights! =)

  2. FreZa on October 28, 2009 at 9:10 PM

    Interesting perspective, Thank you sis!


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